Pedro Morais

     Pedro Morais is a PhD student at University of Porto. His PhD thesis is a collaborative project between FEUP, LAETA, BESURG, KULeuven and ICVS/3B's. In 2013, he received a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from University of Minho. His master thesis was related with cardiac motion and deformation estimation, in a collaborative project between University of Minho and KULeuven.


Personal Information

Name: Pedro André Gonçalves Morais
E-mail: pedromorais at


2013: MSc. degree in Biomedical Engineering, University of Minho (Portugal).


  • 2014: Guidance of transseptal puncture for left heart interventions using personalized biomechanical models and volumetric ultrasound imaging (FEUP, ICVS and KU Leuven).
  • 2014: Towards Smarter Cardiac Interventional Navigation using MRI-derived Personalized Models for RT 3D Ultrasound Interpretation (UMinho);
  • 2012-2013: Cardiac Motion and deformation Estimation in tagged magnetic resonance imaging (UMinho and KULeuven).
  • 2010: Desenvolvimento de um bioreactor baseado no efeito piezoeléctrico de polímeros electroactivos (UMinho).

Selected Papers

  • P. Morais, B. Heyde, D. Barbosa, S. Queirós, P. Claus, and J. D’hooge, “Cardiac motion and deformation estimation from tagged MRI sequences using a temporal coherent image registration framework”, in Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart (FIMH2013), 2013, pp. 316-324.
  • S. Queirós, D. Barbosa, B. Heyde, P. Morais, D. Fibroulet, P. Claus, O. Bernard and J. D’hooge, “Fast fully automatic segmentation of the myocardium in 2D cine MR images“, in Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart (FIMH2013), 2013, pp. 71-79.
  • S. Queirós, D. Barbosa, B. Heyde, P. Morais, J. L. Vilaça, D. Friboulet, O. Bernard, and J. D’hooge, "Fast automatic myocardial segmentation in 4D cine CMR datasets," Medical image analysis, vol. 18, pp. 1115-1131, 2014.
  • P. Morais, S. Queirós, A. H. Moreira, A. Ferreira, E. Casanova, D. Duque, N. F. Rodrigues, João. L. Vilaça (2015) Computer aided recognition of dental implants in X-ray images using a semi-automatic strategy, SPIE Medical Imaging 2015, 21 - 26 February 2015, Orlando, United States.