Motion Tracking Glove

     Automatic motion generation for digital characters animation under real-time user control is a challenging problem for computer graphics research and virtual environment applications. Nowadays, the process involves recording body movements of a real actor. However, such solution lacks finer hand movements, requiring a post-processing step to illustrate this detail and therefore increasing the time and cost involved in the process. 
     Motion tracking gloves can avoid this cumbersome work and still provide an accurate solution. The glove must be capable of tracking mainly three types of movements: abduction between the fingers, flexure for each finger and wrist flexion.

Additional Information

  • António H.J. Moreira, Sandro Queirós, José Fonseca, Pedro L. Rodrigues, Nuno F. Rodrigues, João L. Vilaça, "Real-time hand tracking for rehabilitation and character animation," in IEEE 3rd International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH 2014), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil .