Computer-aided recognition of dental implants in X-ray images

     Dental implant recognition in patients without available records is a time-consuming and not straightforward task. The traditional method is a complete user-dependent process, where the expert compares a 2D X-ray image of the dental implant with a generic database. Due to the high number of implants available and the similarity between them, automatic/semi-automatic frameworks to aide implant model detection are essential. In this study, a novel computer-aided framework for dental implant recognition is suggested. The proposed method relies on image processing concepts, namely: (i) a segmentation strategy for semi-automatic implant delineation; and (ii) a machine learning approach for implant model recognition. Although the segmentation technique is the main focus of the current study, preliminary details of the machine learning approach are also reported.

Additional Information

  • P. Morais, S. Queirós, A. H. Moreira, A. Ferreira, E. Casanova, D. Duque, N. F. Rodrigues, João. L. Vilaça (2015) Computer aided recognition of dental implants in X-ray images using a semi-automatic strategy, SPIE Medical Imaging 2015, Orlando, United States.