Digital Impression System for Dental Prosthesis

     Statistics show that 69% of adults in US, with ages between 35 and 44, have lost at least one permanent tooth due to accidents, gum disease, failed root canal or tooth decay. Furthermore, by age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth. Commonly, the surgical procedure to treat edentulous patients encompasses four main stages: (1) implant place preparation; (2) bone preparation to accommodate the implant; (3) stitch up of the soft tissue to start the healing process; (4) Acquisition of the exact position of the implants. In order to increase accuracy and improve the process of implants placement, surgical procedures have recently resorted to 3D navigation and drill guide systems. However, deviations can (and often) occur during the drilling procedure, which limits this kind of technique. 
In order to mitigate the experienced precision problems, this work proposes a novel electromechanical system, complemented by a low cost handheld 3D intraoral scanner. This system allows the fusion of high-accuracy three-dimensional data of the implants with the soft-tissue virtual profile data of the patient jaw. 

Additional Information

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